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Joe Glauert

Professionally, I am a Multimedia Designer. My current work is in the field of animation, but I have a broad range of experience that includes design in graphic, web, and sound as well as videography, photography, and photo/video editing. I fulfilled my years of interest in visual, audio and web design by obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in Interactive Media from Bradley University, with a specialization in Graphic Design. I strive to be well-versed and up to date in the latest technology and am excited to grow in my knowledge of multimedia with each passing day.

Recently, I pursued the art of Voice Acting, having successfully completed training at Clayton Studios as part of the Voice-Over St. Louis Program. I have recorded a demo that includes my ability to mimic and/or perform a wide-variety of voices. If you'd like to learn--or hear--more, be sure to visit my Voice Acting page and listen!

Recreationally, I'm a video game enthusiast, musician, basketball player, and artist. My most recent interest is Light-Painting, a form of long-exposure photography. I use LED's and other light-producing objects to create abstract works of color and luminosity. As Light-Painting is a relatively new for me, I am constantly learning new techniques and methods to make my work all the more unique and interesting.

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