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Opportunity surrounds us, and from our day-to-day decisions we form what opportunities we are given. It takes root, and the more we nourish it, the more wild it grows until the day comes when we must make yet another decision – to take the opportunity presented to us, or continue to bide our time and wait until another opportunity presents itself before us. We are masters of our own destiny – choose wisely.

Trials of a Tried Soul
  • 1. A man dies and his soul is released.

  • 2. The soul, too evil to ascend into Heaven, is imprisoned in Purgatory until that soul is redeemed.

  • 3. A soul, full of sorrow, cries true tears and begs for forgiveness. The sin leaves.

  • 4. A soul, tried and true in its remorse for what it's done, will be redeemed and taken to Heaven by the hand of God.

  • 5. A soul is forgiven and brought into Heaven to live in eternal peace.

These pieces were first photographed separately - a photoshoot for the painted light, and a photoshoot for the subject. After the photoshoots were completed, I then photoshopped two images together that were befitting of each other in the theme that I was going for.

Painted Light

Painting with light gives me a chance to create a photograph rather than waiting for the perfect moment in the perfect location with the perfect light. I love the random things I can conceive just by flailing around with Christmas lights or glow sticks - the possibilities are endless - and, most importantly, it is fun.


The piece I call "Waveform" is an excellent example of a little known artform called "Scannogram". How I created these scannograms by waving and moving a mirror above a flat bed scanner with the lid off in a dark room (not a photographic dark room, but a room with the lights turned off and the light from the windows was negligible). The result was an exemplar of color range and of the abstract. The effect that was created through this process reminded me of waveforms that are used to visualize sound waves, hence the name of the piece - "Waveform". For further detail, click on the pic.

Negative Influence

Little-known fact: I am a published author! Negative Influence is a book published by my digital photography class, for the class, and showcases our finest pieces from the semester. Not only am I a featured artist, but I am also the author of the foreward. For the foreward, I was presented several questions: what the class meant to me, what I got out of it, and what photography means to me as a whole, and, as a response, I gave a deep artistic exposition of the medium as a whole. My peers were entralled by it. As for the photography portion of the book, I submitted four pieces for the five pages each student was alloted instead of the standard five pieces for five pages, not because I didn't think I only had four great pieces, but because I used two of my five pages for the waveform spread. I wanted to differentiate myself from my peers and showcase a piece so large in scale, that it had to have two pages dedicated to it. Each of these pieces are viewable here on my site in the Photography section of Digital Art: Father and I is part of my "Painted Light" gallery, Waveform Montage is part of my "Waveform" gallery, and both Release and Ascension are part of my "Trials of a Tried Soul" gallery. Each of the images in this gallery in particular are screen shots from the books preview on, where it is available for purchase.

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